Snapple face Dixie Narco 501E - Live Display



Dixie Narco 501e's are THE GOLD STANDARD of Soda Machines!

Manufacturer:    Dixie Narco
Model:        501e    
Pricing:    Multi-Price
Dispenses:    501 Cans or 230 Bottles
Selections:    9
Bill Acceptor:    MEI Series 2000
Coin Acceptor:    3 Tube Coin Co or MEI
MDB?        Yes
Dex?        Yes
Outdoor rated?     Yes
C.C.Capable?    Yes
Shimless Stack?    No
Vend Sensor?    No
Multi Price?    Yes

Power:        120 Volts

Machines are degreased, pressure washed, cleaned upon arrival. We install rebuilt bill and coin, replace any weak or worn out parts, and thoroughly test each machine. 

Description of machine:
The workhorse of soda machines, VERY reliable & durable!
9 Selection machine capable of delivering any combination of 12oz, 16oz, & 24oz cans, as well as any bottle up to 24oz! This means soda, Gatorade, bottled water, tea, etc!
8 Slim Columns - 48 can or 24 water bottle capacity per column
1 Wide Columns - 72 can or 48 water bottle capacity per column
Multi-Price means you can sell cans & bottles at different prices
MBD Capable! Yes, you can add a credit card reader to this machine!
This machine gets ICE COLD!

This machine is 100% mechanically tested, with the inside and outside of the machine in great condition as well! This machine is 100% good to go, complete with a lock! 

$1,100.00 Now $950.00
35x37x72 in
* 1